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One Segment of Dr. Jeff's Audition Video

"Doctor's Got Fat" Part 1

Click on the picture to preview one segment of Dr. Jeff's Audition Video (uses Windows Media Player)

Dr. Jeff's rendition of the song "Baby Got Back"

Starring Dr. Jeff, his 11 year-old daughter, Elyssa and wife, Doris 

Filmed by his 16 year-old daughter, Jen



Dr. Jeff's Audition Video Segment 

"Doctor's Got Fat" Part 2 


Click on the picture to preview another segment of Dr. Jeff's Audition Video (uses Windows Media Player)

Dr. Jeff's continuation of the skit "Doctor's Got Fat"

Starring Dr. Jeff and his four daughters, filmed by his wife Doris



Dr. Jeff's Profile From NBC's Biggest Loser 2

NBC's Photo ©

Click on the picture to preview  Dr. Jeff's Profile on NBC's Biggest Loser 2 (uses Windows Media Player)


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